MCQs on Industrial Training (Fitting) - 2

1:-Which is the important factor to determine the construction of fixture?

A:-Location and 
B:-Machining method
C:-Tool guiding and framing
D:-Size of work piece and tool

Correct Answer:- Option-B

2:-The following extinguisher is suitable for cotton or other textile fire

C:-Soda Acid
D:-Dry Chemical

Correct Answer:- Option-A

3:-The function of a washer is .....?

A:-To fill the axial gap
B:-To provide cushioning effect
C:-To absorb shock and vibrations
D:-To provide bearing area

Correct Answer:- Option-D

4:-Name the rivet head used for heavy fabrication work is .....?

A:-Flat head
B:-Pan head
C:-Snap head

Correct Answer:- Option-B

5:-Which is the least efficient but most common type of chain hoist available?

A:-Screw geared hoist
B:-Spur geared hoist
C:-Differential hoist
D:-Come along chain hoist

Correct Answer:- Option-C

6:-What is the cause of water dripping from the tap even after closed?

A:-Defective washer
B:-Spindle thread wornout
C:-Bend spindle
D:-Loose valve

Correct Answer:- Option-A

7:-Which metal alloys is used to make bearing?

D:-Babbit Metal

Correct Answer:- Option-D

8:-Which metal used to make alligator type fastener?

A:-G.I. sheet
B:-Copper sheet
C:-Steel sheet
D:-Aluminium sheet

Correct Answer:- Option-C

9:-Why the small steel wedge is tapped under the machine in lifting operation?

A:-To prevent vibration
B:-To reduce the weight
C:-To accept the crowbar
D:-To balance the machine

Correct Answer:- Option-C

10:-Which type of coupling can bring the shaft ends into perfect alignment?

A:-Plate coupling
B:-Clamp coupling
C:-Safety coupling
D:-Universal coupling

Correct Answer:- Option-A


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