1. Risus sardonicus is a feature seen in …… poisoning.

A) vatsanabh 
B) dhatura
C) kuchala 
D) karveer

Answer: (C)

2. Pleurosthotonus is…….. of the body.

A) Forward bending 
B) backward bending
C) lateral bending 
D) straight stiffening

Answer: (C)

3. Which of the following is the antidote of kuchala?

A) Atropine 
B) Naloxone
C) Prostigmine 
D) Barbiturates

Answer: (D)

4. The usual fatal dose of Vatsanabh rhizome powder is……

A) 10 mg 
B) 100 mg
C) 1 gm 
D) 1mg

Answer: (C)

5. ….. is the English name of Vatsanabh.

A) Jimson seed 
B) Wolf’s bane
C) Tiger’s claws 
D) Swallow wart

Answer: (B)

6. The differential diagnosis for Kuchala poisoning is with………

A) acute gastroenteritis 
B) tetanus
C) gullien barrie Syndrome 
D) ventricular tachycardia

Answer: (B)

7. According to Rastarangini, vatsanabh is…. visha.

A) patra 
B) niryas
C) kand 
D) pushpa

Answer: (C)

8. Which of the following isnot an abuse preparation of bhanga?

A) Charas 
B) Ganja
C) Marijuana 
D) Afim

Answer: (D)

9. Which of the following active principle is responsible for psychoactive effects of Bhanga?

A) Tetrahydrocannabinol 
B) Hyoscyamine
C) Pseudoaconitine 
D) Epinephrine

Answer: (A)

10. Inj. Methadone is used as drug of choice in the treatment of…….

A) dhatura poisoning 
B) morphinism
C) hashish insanity 
D) plumbism

Answer: (B)