1. The features of gunja poisoning resemble with ……poisoning.

A) cobra snake bite 
B) viper snake bite
C) krait snake bite 
D) Phosphorus

Answer: (B)

2. The principal toxicological action of abrin is……………..

A) Metabolic enzyme deactivation 
B) protein synthesis inhibition
C) Disruption of signal transduction in neurons
D) Hb synthesis disruption

Answer: (B)

3. Which of the following visha dravya are the ingredients of Sanjeevani Vati ?

A) Bhallatak and Dhatura 
B) Dhatura and Vatsanabh
C) Bhallatak and Vatsanabh 
D) Kuchala and Vatsanabh

Answer: (C)

4. Which of the following bhavana dravya is used for shodhan of Afu?

A) Godugdha 
B) Gomutra
C) Aardrak Swaras 
D) Babbul twak kwatha

Answer: (C)

5. According to Charak, visha visarpan takes place in the body in………..

A) Sharad 
B) Vasant
C) Varsha 
D) Shishir

Answer: (C)

6. According to Vagbhata, Sarpa dansha bheda are…...in number.

A) 2 
B) 3
C) 3 
D) 5

Answer: (D)

7. According to Sushruta, sarpa bheda are. …..

A) 80 
B) 60
C) 70 
D) 50

Answer: (A)

8. According to Sushruta, Sankhya of nirvisha sarpa is……

A) 10 
B) 12
C) 22 
D) 26

Answer: (B)

9. Sarvakarmika agada is indicated in…..visha.

A) Loota 
B) Sarpa
C) Vruschika 
D) Kita

Answer: (A)

10. Meghanad agada is indicated in ……..sarpa dansha.

A) Darvikar 
B) Rajiman
C) Vaikaranj 
D) Mandali

Answer: (A)