1. Clothes of corpse gives inference about-

A) Occupation 
B) Religion
C) Ethnicity 
D) All

Answer: (D)

2. How many types of scorpion are present in India?

A) 98 
B) 99
C) 100 
D) 101

Answer: (B)

3. Visha prasar in Alarka visha is due to-

A) Lalastrav 
B) Raktastrav
C) Dansha 
D) Shukrastrav

Answer: (C)

4. Visha Adhishthan in Alarka visha is-

A) Lalastrav 
B) Tundasthi
C) Nakha 
D) Sweda

Answer: (A)

5. …… is the lakshan of Unmat Chatushpad

A) Prastrastalangul hanuskandho 
B) Atilalavan
C) Anyonyabhidhavati 
D) All

Answer: (D)

6. Which is not the sthanik lakshan of Unmat Chatushpad Dansha?

A) Trushna 
B) Supti
C) Kleda 
D) Vikunchanam

Answer: (A)

7. Exhumation is very rare in-

A) India 
B) Scotland
C) France 
D) Germany

Answer: (A)

8. Objectives of Exhumation are-

A) Identification 
B) Second Autopsy
C) Establishing cause of death 
D) All

Answer: (D)

9. Which is not the precautionary measure to carry out exhumation?

A) Orders from DM 
B) Draining water and Vegetation shall not be collected
C) Shall be done in early morning hours to maintain privacy
D) Identification of Grave

Answer: (B)

10. During Exhumation what is not to be done?

A) Sprinkling of disinfectants 
B) Collecting the debris
C) Clicking the photograph of coffin 
D) Identification of coffin

Answer: (A)