UGC NET Paper-1 Previous Year Questions on Research Aptitude - June 2014

1. In a thesis, figures and tables are included in
(A) The appendix
(B) A separate chapter
(C) The concluding chapter
(D) The text itself

2. A thesis statement is
(A) An observation
(B) A fact
(C) An assertion
(D) A discussion

3.  The research approach of Max Weber to understand how people create meanings in natural settings is identified as
(A) Positive paradigm
(B) Critical paradigm
(C) Natural paradigm
(D) Interpretative paradigm

4. Which one of the following is a non probability sampling?
(A) Simple Random
(B) Purposive
(C) Systematic
(D) Stratified

5. Identify the category of evaluation that assesses the learning progress to provide continuous feedback to the students during instruction.
(A) Placement
(B) Diagnostic
(C) Formative
(D) Summative

6. The research stream of immediate application is
(A) Conceptual research
(B) Action research
(C) Fundamental research
(D) Empirical research



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