1. Asvamedha Yajna from among Chalukya rulers was performed by 
(A) Pulkesin I
(B) Kirtivarman I
(C) Pulkesin II
(D) Vikramaditya I

2. Which one was the Port of Cheras?
(A) Kaveripattanam
(B) Muzisir
(C) Korkai
(D) Tandai

3. The first ruler of India who defeated Muhammad of Ghor was 
(A) Mularaja II of Gujarat
(B) Prathviraj Chauhan of Delhi
(C) Jayachandra of Kannauj
(D) Parmaldeva of Bundelkhanda

4. The head of a guild in ancient and early medieval India was called
(A) Adhipati
(B) Gahapati
(C) Jethaka
(D) Adhikari

5. The Gita was complied by
(A) Vedvyas
(B) Krishna Vasudev
(C) Valmiki
(D) Vatsyayan

6. Buddhist scriptures were written in
(A) Pali
(B) Sanskrit
(C) Kharosthi
(D) Marathi

7. Which, among the following Scholarly works, was not written by Bhavbhuti?
(A) Venisamhara
(B) Mahaveercharita
(C) Uttar Ramcharita
(D) Maltimadhava

8. Where is Kalibangan situated?
(A) Himachal Pradesh
(B) West Bengal
(C) Uttar Pradesh
(D) Rajasthan

9. Brahmani bull for Indus valley people was
(A) Unknown animal
(B) Well known animal
(C) Sacred animal
(D) Sacrificial animal

10. Harrappan people had known to use of
(A) 16 & its multiples
(B) 12 & its multiples
(C) 8 & its multiples
(D) 4 & its multiples

11. A hoard of copper images generally assigned to the Harrappan culture phase, has been found at
(A) Daimabad
(B) Brahamgiri
(C) Inamgaon
(D) Nasik

12. The largest number of seals of the Harrappan culture are made of
(A) Terracotta
(B) Faience
(C) Agate
(D) Steatite

13. When did China receive Buddhism?
(A) Third century B .C.
(B) First century B.C.
(C) First century A.D.
(D) Third Century AD.

14. Who was Bhadrabahu?
(A) He was the first tirthankar of the Jainas
(B) He was a Vedic Rishi
(C) He was a Buddhist monk
(D) He was the sixth guru of the Jainas

15. Which of the following is incorrect?
(A) Mahayanism teaches non-reality of phenomenal objects
(B) Mahayanism accepts the conception of countless Buddhas and Bodhisatvas
(C) Mahayanism defies Buddha
(D) Mahayanism rejects worship of god & goddess