1. Co-operative movement originated first in

(a)    Germany
(b)   England
(c)    France
(d)   Spain

2.      The Co-operative Societies Act  was passed in India in the year

(a)    1904
(b)   1912
(c)    1919
(d)   1949

3.      ‘One man one vote’ principle was recommended by ---------- Committee

(a)    Gorwala
(b)   Mac Lagan
(c)    Minto Morley
(d)   Montague Chelmsford

4.      Apex Society means --------- level society

(a)    National
(b)   State
(c)    District
(d)   Village

5.      The members of a Co-operative Society have ------- liability

(a)    Limited
(b)   Unlimited
(c)    Joint
(d)   Joint and Several

6.      The President of a Co-operative Society is

(a)    Owner
(b)   Employees
(c)    Officer
(d)   Adviser

7. Which of the following organizational structure is followed by Co-operatives in India?

(a)    Unitary Structure
(b)   Federal Structure
(c)    Centralized Structure
(d)   Decentralized Structure

8. Interest Rate of Deposits of a Co-operative Credit Societies are fixed by

(a)    Registrar
(b)   Government
(c)    RBI
(d)   General Body

9.  The Rules and Regulations of a Co-operative Society is formed in its

(a) Co-operative Act
(b) Co-operative rules
(c) Bylaws
(d) General Body

10.  Co-operation is included in the ------- schedule of Indian Constitution

(a) V
(b) VI
(c) VII
(d) IX