1. Media that exist in an interconnected series of communication – points are referred to as
(A) Networked media
(B) Connective media
(C) Nodal media
(D) Multimedia

2. The information function of mass communication is described as
(A) diffusion
(B) publicity
(C) surveillance
(D) diversion

3. An example of asynchronous medium is
(A) Radio
(B) Television
(C) Film
(D) Newspaper

4. In communication, connotative words are
(A) Explicit
(B) Abstract
(C) Simple
(D) Cultural

5. A message beneath a message is labelled as
(A) Embedded text
(B) Internal text
(D) Sub-text

6. In analog mass communication, stories are
(A) Static
(B) Dynamic
(C) Interactive
(D) Exploratory