1. ‘www’ stands for
(A) work with web
(B) word wide web
(C) world wide web
(D) worth while web

2. A hard disk is divided into tracks which is further subdivided into
(A) Clusters
(B) Sectors
(C) Vectors
(D) Heads

3. A computer program that translates a program statement by statement into machine languages is called a/an
(A) Compiler
(B) Simulator
(C) Translator
(D) Interpreter

4. A Gigabyte is equal to
(A) 1024 Megabytes
(B) 1024 Kilobytes
(C) 1024 Terabytes
(D) 1024 Bytes

5. A Compiler is a software which converts
(A) characters to bits
(B) high level language to machine language
(C) machine language to high level language
(D) words to bits

6. Virtual memory is
(A) an extremely large main memory.
(B) an extremely large secondary memory.
(C) an illusion of extremely large main memory.
(D) a type of memory used in super computers.