1. The control of extraneous variables in experimental research after the treatment is given can be done through a technique called

(A) Statistical Regression
(B) Post-Test
(C) One-way ANOVA
(D) Analysis of Co-variance

2. Which of the following is incorrect pairing?

(A) Product moment coefficient of correlation  - r
(B) Chi Square         - χ2
(C) Multiple correlation   -   R
(D) Standard deviation   -    ρ

3. A survey of population is equivalent to

(A) Census Survey
(B) Sample Survey
(C) Group Survey
(D) None of the above

4. Which of the following types of studies results in findings which could not be generalized to other situations?

(A) Descriptive
(B) Historical
(C) Experimental
(D) Causal Comparative

5. Which of the following terms is Brelevant to a qualitative study?

(A) Comparison
(B) Prediction
(C) Correlation
(D) Exploration

6. Which of the following is a characteristic feature only of experimental studies?

(A) Control of extraneous variables.
(B) Study of cause and effect relationship.
(C) Observing variation in the dependent variable.
(D) Manipulation of treatment variable.

7. Equating through matched pairs is the method used in

(A) Survey Research
(B) Experimental Research
(C) Sociological Research
(D) Trend Research

8. When a researcher checks the genuineness and authenticity of the source material, it is known as

(A) External validity
(B) External criticism
(C) Concurrent validity
(D) Internal consistency

9. An investigator studied the census data for a given area and prepared a write up based on them. Such a write-up is called

(A) Research Paper
(B) Article
(C) Thesis
(D) Research Report

10. An intensive investigation of a slow learner undertaken in a research project by a teacher can be termed as

(A) Action Research
(B) Survey
(C) Case study
(D) Ethnography