1. Which article says that 'there shall be a Vice-President of India'
(a) Article 63
(b) Article 62
(c) Article 61
(d) Article 64

2. Which article says that 'the Vice President to be ex-officio Chairman of the Council of States'
(a) Article 63
(b) Article 64
(c) Article 61
(d) Article 62

3. When the Vice president acts as President or discharges the functions of the President under Article 65
(a) He shall not perform the duties of the office of the Chairman of the Council of States
(b) He shall not be entitled to any salary or allowance payable to the Chairman of the Council of States
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) None of the above

4.Vice President of India draws salary in the designation of 
(a) Vice President of India
(b) President of India
(c) Chairman of Rajya Sabha
(d) None of the above

5.the President wants to tender the resignation before expiry of normal term, he / she has to address the same to ---- 
(a) Vice President
(b) Supreme Court Chief Justice
(c) Prime Minister
(d) Lok Sabha Speaker

6. As per the procedure, the election of Vice President is conducted at first at
(a) Lok Sabha
(b) Rajya Sabha
(c) Joint sitting of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha
(d) None of the above

7. Vice President of India can be removed from Office before expiry of his / her term by 
(a) President
(b) Supreme Court
(c) Two Houses of Parliament
(d) None of the above

8. The Vice President of India discharges the duties of President in the event of
(a) His death
(b) His resignation
(c) His absence due to illness
(d) All the above

9. The Vice President of India is the ex-officio Chairman of 
(a) Rajya Sabha
(b) Lok Sabha
(c) UPSC
(d) UG

10. Who decides disputes regarding the election of the Vice President? 
(a) President
(b) Supreme Court
(c) Election Commission
(d) Parliament

11. The Vice President discharges the duties of the President during his / her illness for a maximum period of
(a) 6 months
(b) 3 months
(c) 1 year
(d) Indefinitely

12. Which of the following dignitaries who became Vice Presidents after having held diplomatic positions?
(a) S. Radhakrishnan
(b) G. S. Pathak
(c) K R Narayanan
(d)  All the above

13.Which one of the following Vice President(s) resigned from his Office to contest for the Office of the President?
(a) VV Giri
(b) G. S. Pathak
(c) S. Radhakrishnan
(d) B D Jatti

14.Who of the following held the Office of the Vice President of India for two full terms?
(a) K R Narayanan
(b) S. Radhakrishnan
(c) Shankar Dayal Sharma
(d) Krishna Kant

15.Who of the following became President of India without serving as Vice President?  
(a) Zakir Husain
(b) V V Giri
(c) Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy
(d) K R Narayanan