1) The marketing technique that uses social networking sites on the internet for promotion or advertising is called as ________________.
a. Networking
b. Viral Marketing
c. Online marketing
d. Internet advertising

2) Advertising is a part of ____________________ function –
a. Distribution
b. Selling
c. Promotion
d. Pricing

3) Example for an augmented product –
a. Exchange offers
b. Guarantee period
c. Maintenance checks
d. Quality standards

4) Identify the feature that makes Marketing research not an exact science
a. It uses scientific methods
b. It deals with behavioural studies
c. It is based on hypothesis
d. It uses data and figures

5) Which among the following is an example for a non-profit organization?
a. Hotel
b. Hospital
 c. Charitable society
d. University

6) The target set for a fixed period for any sales executive is called as
a. Sales territory
b. Activity quota
c. Sales margin
d. Sales quota

7) Which of the following is an example for product attribute?
a. Product design
b. Product packaging
c. Brand
d. Brand equity

8) The type of market where single seller dominates the entire market is referred to as –
a. Perfect
b. Imperfect
c. Local
d. Global

9) When the company has its goods sold in as many retail outlets as possible, the distribution is called –
a. Selective
b. Exclusive
c. Open
d. Intensive

10) When a prospect has been identified, it is called as _________ and is the 1st stage in personal selling process
a. Lead evaluation
b. Buyer analysis
c. Order generation
d. Lead generation

11) Delphi method of estimating future demand for a product or service is associated with
a. Past sales analysis
b. Expert opinion method
c. Market test method
d. Composite of sales force opinion

12) Two statements are given below relating to the consumer brand selection model.
Statement I: As per disjunctive decision rule consumers set a minimum acceptable cut off level for each attribute and choose the first alternative that meets the minimum standard for all selected attributes.
Statement II: As per lexicographic decision rule consumers choose the best brand on the basis of its perceived most important attribute.

Choose the correct option about the statements from the options given below:
a. Statement I alone is correct.
b. Statement II alone is correct.
c. Both statements are correct.
d. Both statements are wrong.

13) Which one of the three basic approaches used customarily explaining the Marketing System?
a. Commodity, institutions and functional approach.
b. Commodity, functional risks, management approach.
c. Product, service mix, functional and institutional approach.
d. None of the above.

14) Positioning the production system means
a. Selecting the type of product design.
b. Selecting the type of production processing system.
c. Selecting the type of finished goods inventory policy for each product group.
d. All of the above.

15) The main function of venture capitalist is to
a. Provide funds to the steps necessary to establish the commercial viability of a new product, process or service.
b. Provide funds at all stages of marketing of new product, process or service.
c. Provide funds at all stages of production of a new product, process or a service.
d. Provide funds at all stages of Research of a new product, process or a service.