1. A marketer developing a brand name that is easy to pronounce would conduct:
(A) An association test
(B) A memory test
(C) A preference test
(D) A recall test

2. Before performing the business analysis for developing a new product, a company should be engaged in
(A) Idea screening
(B) Product development
(C) Marketing strategy development
(D) Product positioning

3. Relationship marketing aims at building mutually satisfying long term relations with
(A) Customers
(B) Employees
(C) Marketing partners
(D) All of the above

4. In the social-cultural arena, marketers may not understand
(A) People’s views
(B) Organisation’s views
(C) Society’s views
(D) Government’s views

5. A manufacturer of industrial goods would use ______ sales force structure.
(A) Territorial
(B) Matrix
(C) Product
(D) Market

6. Which of the following is/are a type(s) of direct marketing?
(A) Direct-Response Advertising
(B) Personal Selling
(C) Telemarketing
(D) All of the above

7. In inventory control, which one of the following factors does not affect the ROL (Re-Order-Level)?
(A) Average Daily Usage
(B) Lead Time
(C) Safety Stock
(D) Holding Costs

8. A marketing effectiveness review is part of _______ control.
(A) Annual Plan
(B) Profitability
(C) Proficiency
(D) Strategic

9. What kind of pricing strategy a firm should normally follow for marketing electronic goods?
(A) Penetration pricing strategy
(B) Skimming pricing strategy
(C) Cost plus pricing strategy
(D) All of the above

10. Which fact is true about on-line marketing?
(A) A website which is user-friendly.
(B) A website which is user-friendly and regularly updated.
(C) A website which is user-friendly regularly updated and make product’s graphical image available.
(D) A website which is user-friendly, regularly updated, provides product’s graphical image and product’s price is competitive.

11. Which of the following function involved under marketing management’s function?
1. Collection of market information
2. Marketing coordination
3. Marketing controlling
4. All the above

(A) 1 & 2
(B) 2 & 3
(C) 3 only
(D) 4 only

12. Two statements are given below:
Statement – I: Product concept of marketing holds that consumers would favour those products that are available and highly affordable.
Statement – II: Production concept of marketing holds that consumers would not buy enough of the company’s product unless the company undertakes a substantial promotional effort.

Choose the correct option from the four options given below:
(A) Statement I is correct and II is wrong.
(B) Statement II is correct and I is wrong.
(C) Both statements are correct.
(D) Both statements are wrong.

13. Match the following:
List-I                           List-II
a. Differentiation    1. How familiar and intimate consumers are with the brand.
b. Esteem              2. The degree to which a brand is seen as different from others.
c. Relevance         3. How well the brand is regarded and respected.
d. Knowledge        4. The breadth of a brand’s appeal.

       a b c d
(A) 1 2 3 4
(B) 2 3 4 1
(C) 3 4 1 2
(D) 4 3 2 1

14. A company following a strategy of advertising the product for a period followed by a period with no advertising is called
(A) Concentration
(B) Flighting
(C) Pulsing
(D) Continuity

15. Franchise organisation is an example of ______ vertical marketing system.
(A) Corporate
(B) Administered
(C) Contractual
(D) Co-operative