1. Self perceived talents, motives and values that influence career of an individual are known as
(A) Career anchors
(B) Career plans
(C) Career aims
(D) None of the above

2. Who has advanced the Bottom of the Pyramid concept?
(A) Garry Dessler
(B) Peter Drucker
(C) C.K. Prahlad
(D) Michael Porter

3. Which one is not a general concept of T.Q.M.?
(A) Continuous Improvement
(B) Team Work
(C) Strategy
(D) Quality Education

4. Which one of the following is not an interpersonal role identified by Henry Mintzberg?
(A) The Figure head role
(B) The Leader role
(C) The Liason role
(D) The Resource – allocator role

5. A corporate wide pay plan that uses a structured formula to allocate a portion of annual company profits to employees is known as:
(A) Gain sharing
(B) Profit sharing
(C) ESOPS sharing
(D) All of the above

6. The concept of management by objectives was given by
(A) Peter F. Drucker
(B) Luther Gulick
(C) RensisLikert
(D) Blake and Mouton

7. OCTAPACE culture means
(A) Openness-cooperation-Truth-Authenticity-Proaction-Autonomy-Collaboration-Experimentation
(B) Openness-Confrontation-Trust- Autonomy-Proaction-Authority- Collaboration Experimentation
(C) Openness-Confrontation-Trust- Authority-Proaction-Autonomy cooperation-Experimentation
(D) Openness-Confrontation-Trust- Authenticity-Proaction- Autonomy-Collaboration- Experimentation

8. Empowerment means authority to make decisions in ones area of operation
(A) By taking approval from the senior
(B) Without having to get approval from anyone else
(C) Without caring for the consequences
(D) All the above

9. Who has called the POSDCORB ‘folklore’?
(A) Michael Armstrong
(B) Michael Poole
(C) Rosemary Stewart
(D) Henry Mirzberg

10. “Model Grievance Procedure” is given in the
(A) Industrial Disputes Act
(B) Employee State Insurance Act
(C) Industrial Employment (standing orders) Act
(D) Code of Discipline