1. Which of the following is method of Union recognition?

(A) Secret Ballot
(B) Membership Verification
(C) Check-off System
(D) All the above

2. Which of the following is not a TQM technique?

(A) Six Sigma
(B) Zero Defect Programmes
(C) Quality Circles
(D) Core Competency

3. Which of the following is a Matrix Organization?

(A) When bureaucratic structure is made less hierarchical
(B) When project structure is superimposed on bureaucratic structure
(C) When project structure is independently created
(D) When projects are geographically dispersed

4. Who had advanced the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ approach of HRM?

(A) Benjamin Schneider
(B) James Niniger
(C) John Storey
(D) Lloyd Baind

5. Leader-Member relations; task structure and position power are attributes of which leadership theory?

(A) Trait Theory
(B) Behavioural Theory
(C) Situational Theory
(D) Contingency Theory

6. Find out the characteristics of collective bargaining which is not applicable;

(A) It is a collective process.
(B) It is a flexible process.
(C) It is not a bipartile process.
(D) It is interdisciplinary system.

7. Find out the one which is not an element of employee empowerment:

(A) Belief system and trust
(B) Purposefulness
(C) Arbitrariness
(D) Self-sufficiency or Competency

8. Three tier framework of industrial relations was proposed by:

(A) Kochan, T.A., et. al
(B) Richardson J.H.
(C) Clark Kerr
(D) John T. Dunlop

9. A system of industrial relations where social and labour issues are discussed between trade unions and management at enterprise level is:

(A) Bipartism
(B) Tripartism
(C) Social dialogue
(D) None of the above

10. Delphi Technique is used in

(A) Planning
(B) Promoting
(C) Forecasting
(D) Pricing


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