1. Which of the following formulae is used for determining Minimum wages?

(A) Adarkar’s Formula
(B) Rege Committee’s Formula
(C) Dr. Aykroid’s Formula
(D) Royal Commission on Labour’s Formula

2. Who has started that “Collective bargaining is essentially a process in which employees act as a group in seeking to shape conditions and relationships in their employment.

(A) R. F. Hoxie
(B) L. G. Reynolds
(C) Dale Yoder
(D) J. F. Richardson

3. In which year the formation of the National Renewal Fund to protect the interest of the workers was announced:

(A) 1956
(B) 1991
(C) 1969
(D) 1992

4. Globalization is ruthless, rootless, jobless, fruitless was stated by:

(A) U. N. O
(B) U. N. D. P
(C) I. L. O
(D) W. H. O

5. The Origin, growth and development of employment’s organizations in India can be identified as:

(A) Before 1933
(B) After 1933
(C) Before 1947
(D) After 1947

6. Which of the following cannot be said to be an objective of Workers’ Participation in Management?

(A) To associate in decision making process of the organization.
(B) To satisfy the urge of self-expression of workers.
(C) To promote a conducive environment in the organisation.
(D) To promote higher income and better conditions of employment for workers.

7. Which of the following combinations is taken as bipartitism in Industrial Relations?

(A) Government and Labour
(B) Government and Employer
(C) Labour and Management
(D) Employers and Consumers

8. In which of the following institutions Central Government prefers to place the labour policies for consultation?

(A) I.L.O.
(B) I.L.C / S.L.C
(C) Labour Ministers’ Conference
(D) None of the above

9. Which of the following prohibits formation or continuance of company unions?

(A) Code of discipline in industry
(B) Code of efficiency and welfare
(C) Inter-union code of conduct
(D) None of the above

10. Union shop, closed shop, preferential shop are known as

(A) Union Security Measures
(B) Industrial Actions
(C) Organizational Security Measures
(D) All the above