Solved Question Paper for Lecturer in Computer Engineering in Institute of Technology, GNCTD conducted by UPSC

 41. A language 𝐿 is accepted by some 𝜖-NFA if and only if L is accepted by some:

(a) NFA

(b) DFA

(c) FSM

(d) PDA

Answer: (b)

42. If L is a context free language and R is a regular language, then L ∩ R is a:

(a) Regular language

(b) Non-regular language

(c) Context sensible language

(d) Context free language

Answer: (d)

43. A finite automaton cannot be in more than one state at any one time is called:

(a) FSM

(b) Deterministic Finite Automaton

(c) Non-deterministic Finite Automaton

(d) Regular language

Answer: (b)


Answer: (a)

45. Which one of the following languages are described by Finite Automata?

(a) Regular language

(b) Content sensitive language

(c) Content-free language

(d) Recursive language

Answer: (a)

46. In order to describe an algorithm for searching an AND - OR graph, we need to exploit a value called:

(a) Modality

(b) Mobility

(c) Futility

(d) Quality

Answer: (c)

47. Most commonly used language for Artificial Intelligence programming is:

(a) C

(b) CC++

(c) LISP


Answer: (c)

48. The process of writing programs that can themselves produce formal descriptions from informal ones is:

(a) Optimization

(b) Feasibility

(c) Coding

(d) Operationalization

Answer: (d)

49. How well a model trained on the training set predicts the right output for new instances is called:

(a) Specialization

(b) Generalization

(c) Modularization

(d) Optimization

Answer: (b)

50. In polynomial interpolation, given N points, we find the (N−1)th degree polynomial that is used to predict the output for any X which is outside of the range of 

 in the training set is called:

(a) Extrapolation

(b) Interpolation

(c) Polynomial evaluation

(d) Friction

Answer: (a)


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