1. Dates representing a period of high demand, during which a particular fare is invalid

(A) Booking dates

(B) Valid dates

(C) Back out dates

(D) Invalid dates

Answer: (C)

2. The segment of the business market that includes employees of governments, schools, hospitals etc.

(A) Corporate Travel

(B) Affinity Travel

(C) Institutional Travel

(D) All inclusive Travel

Answer: (C)

3. A unit of measurement determined when one passenger travels miles on a transportation by Air carrier

(A) Carbon Miles

(B) Passenger Kilometers

(C) Passenger Mile

(D) Transportation Miles

Answer: (C)

4. This list consists of two lists of names of Sanctuaries and States, the candidate has to match an item in the List-I with Item in the other.

List – I                                  List – II

(Name of Sanctuary)     (Name of State)

a. Radhanagari                1. Maharashtra

b. Jaladpara                     2. Assam

c. Betla                              3. Jharkhand

d. Manas                           4. West Bengal


       a b c d

(A) 1 4 3 2

(B) 4 2 1 3

(C) 3 2 1 4

(D) 4 1 3 2

Answer: (A)

5. This consists of two lists of names of Dynasties and names of Temples. The candidate has to match an item in the List-I with an item in the List-II.

List – I                                        List – II

(Name of Dynasty)         (Name of the Temple)

a. Early Chalukyan              1. Hazararama

b. Hoysala                             2. Vaikuntha Perumal

c. Pallava                               3. Chinnakesava

d. Vijayanagara                    4. Papanatha


      a b c d

(A) 3 4 2 1

(B) 4 2 1 3

(C) 4 3 2 1

(D) 2 1 3 4

Answer: (C)

6. Employees who work at Airport for booking reservations, weighting and checking luggage, and issuing tickets are known as

(A) Traffic Assistant

(B) Airport Agent

(C) Ground Staff

(D) Airport Assistant

Answer: (C)

7. A package tour that includes the services of a tour representative accompanied at each destination

(A) Excursion tour

(B) Escorted tour

(C) Hosted tour

(D) Minimum tour

Answer: (B)

8. Any package tour including two or more components such as airfare and accommodation designed for a specific client is known as

(A) Free Individual Travel

(B) Group Inclusive Travel

(C) Leisure Travel

(D) Corporate Travel

Answer: (A)

9. A document issued by a travel agency or vendor authorizing transportation or some other travel service to a specified person.

(A) Amenities voucher

(B) Miscellaneous charges order

(C) Voucher

(D) Saver passes

Answer: (B)

10. This consists of two lists of terms and statements and the candidate has to match an item in one list with an item in the other.

 List - I

 List - II

a. Bottom up approach

1. Formulation of policy with inputs from beneficiaries.

b. Top down approach

2. Mandate for developments in all sectors.

c. Participative approach

3. Setting up of policy framework with expert knowledge of policy makers.

d. Inclusive approach

4. Creation of the blue print of the policy with the support of policy makers, planners and local community.


      a b c d

(A) 2 1 4 3

(B) 1 4 3 2

(C) 1 3 4 2

(D) 4 2 1 3

Answer: (C)