1. Musket is a

(A) Muzzle loader

(B) Rifled arm

(C) Carbine

(D) A shoulder firearm with smooth bore barrel

Answer: (D)

2. In bullet projectory the maximum range can be attained if the angle of projection is:

(A) 30°

(B) 45°

(C) 40°

(D) 75°

Answer: (B)

3. The energy of the projectile is calculated by

(A) Mgh

(B) MR

(C) MV2

(D) 1/2 MV2

Answer: (D)

4. Assertion (A): In shotgun, the dispersion of pellets is more in the true cylinder gun than choked gun.

Reason (R): Choking of barrel is not related to dispersion of pellet.


(A) Both (A) and (R) are correct

(B) (R) is correct, but (A) is incorrect

(C) (A) is correct, but (R) is incorrect

(D) Both (A) and (R) are incorrect

Answer: (C)

5. Dumdum Bullet is so called because :

(A) Tip is chiselled off.

(B) It is made of Cu and Ni.

(C) It is very small bullet.

(D) Its velocity is very high.

Answer: (A)

6. Bertillonage is synonymous term to

(A) Anthropometry

(B) Dactyloscopy

(C) Portrait Parle

(D) Serology

Answer: (A)

7. Sherlock Holmes was a character in the novel of

(A) Arthur Conan Doyle

(B) Agatha Christie

(C) Perry Mason (D) Victor Hugo

Answer: (A)

8. Latent Finger print on electric bulb should be preserved by putting in

(A) Cardboard box

(B) Fixed in a bulb holder in wooden box

(C) In a cellophane bag

(D) Paper bag

Answer: (B)

9. A ridge that forks and forms a complete circle and then becomes a single ridge again is called as

(A) Island

(B) Bifurcation

(C) Fork

(D) Anastomosis

Answer: (D)

10. In India the new Central Forensic Science laboratory is not started at

(A) Ahmedabad

(B) Bhopal

(C) Guwahati

(D) Pune

Answer: (A)