1. Scales are found on the following fibre:

(A) Wool

(B) Cotton

(C) Linen

(D) Silk

Answer: (A)

2. Fractures due to heat are

(A) Radial

(B) Spiral

(C) Hackle marks

(D) Wavy

Answer: (D)

3. Which of the following type of abrasions are associated in sexual assault over the thigh of a woman?

(A) Graze

(B) Imprint

(C) Pressure

(D) Scratch

Answer: (D)

4. The chromosome pattern in Turner’s syndrome is


(B) XO



Answer: (B)

5. Cusp of Carabelli is found on

(A) Incisors Central

(B) Canines

(C) Bicuspids

(D) Tricuspids

Answer: (D)

6. ABO grouping is based on

(A) Red cell surface antigen

(B) Plasma proteins

(C) Red cell enzyme

(D) Nuclear chromatin

Answer: (A)

7. The total number of bones in the human skeleton in an adult is

(A) 208

(B) 308

(C) 408

(D) 508

Answer: (A)

8. In handwriting comparison the crossing in ‘t’ and the dots in ‘i’ and ‘j’ are known as

(A) Connective signs

(B) Diacrytic signs

(C) Loop signs

(D) Shoulder signs

Answer: (D)

9. Which of the following disease affects handwriting?

(A) Chronic Leukaemia

(B) Chronic Malaria

(C) Parkinsonism

(D) Thalassemia

Answer: (C)

10. The following is a sign of forgery:

(A) Retouching

(B) Connecting strokes

(C) Pen lifts

(D) All of the above

Answer: (D)