1. Apart from humans, P30 in seminal stain is found in

(A) Cat

(B) Fowl

(C) Rat

(D) Cow

Answer: (A)

2. The centre of ossification for the iliac crest appears by the age of

(A) 12 years

(B) 14 years

(C) 16 years

(D) 21 years

Answer: (B)

3. The following is most likely to develop individual characteristics when it is used a lot:

(A) Typewriting

(B) Ink jet printing

(C) Dot matrix printing

(D) Laser jet printing

Answer: (A)

4. Indented writing means:

(A) Invisible writing

(B) Coding

(C) Marginal writing

(D) Sub-surface impressions

Answer: (D)

5. Assertion (A): For comparison purpose of handwriting non-request standards are also desirable.

Reason (R): They are free of intentional disguise.


(A) Both (A) and (R) are true.

(B) Both (A) and (R) are false.

(C) (A) is true but, (R) is false.

(D) (A) is false but, (R) is true.

Answer: (A)

6. The following percentage of ridge matching is a positive proof of matching in striation tool marks examination:

(A) 30%

(B) 40%

(C) 50%

(D) 60% and above

Answer: (D)

7. As per “Rule of Nine”, the surface area of the body involved for the trunk is

(A) 9%

(B) 18%

(C) 27%

(D) 36%

Answer: (D)

8. Signatures on cheques, drivers license and other official documents are examples of:

(A) Request writings

(B) Non-request writings

(C) Exhibits

(D) All of above

Answer: (B)

9. Acroreaction test helps to identify a

(A) Entry wound of filigree burn

(B) Exit wound of filigree burn

(C) Entry wound of joule burn

(D) Exit wound of joule burn

Answer: (C)

10. Serum protein polymorphism are demonstrated by


(B) Centrifugation


(D) Electrophoresis

Answer: (D)