1. The concept of poroscopy was given by

(A) Karl Landsteiner

(B) Burrard

(C) Edmond Locard

(D) Hans Gross

Answer: (C)

2. The layer of cells between the epidermis and dermis is called as

(A) minutiae

(B) dermal papillae

(C) sweat pores

(D) friction ridges.

Answer: (B)

3. Salylation is used in

(A) Gas liquid chromatography

(B) Mass spectrometer

(C) Atomic absorption spectrometer

(D) Atomic emission spectrometer

Answer: (A)

4. The image seen through a compound microscope is

(A) Virtual

(B) Real

(C) False

(D) Imaginary

Answer: (A)

5. NMR is a tool to investigate

(A) Nuclear structure

(B) Electron structure

(C) Scattering effect of light

(D) Reflecting effect of light

Answer: (A)

6. MCT detector is used in

(A) FTIR spectrometery




Answer: (A)

7. In SEM, the incident beam is focused by means of

(A) Lens

(B) Mirrors

(C) Electromagnets

(D) Slits

Answer: (C)

8. Following instrument can view a particle under a microscope while at the same time a beam of light is directed at the particle in order to obtain its absorption spectrum

(A) Atomic force microscope

(B) XRF spectrograph

(C) Micro spectrophotometer

(D) XRD spectrograph

Answer: (C)

9. Ninhydrin reacts with amino acids present in fingerprints to form a coloured compound is called as

(A) Dimethyl formamide

(B) Pervanadyl

(C) Vanadyl

(D) Ruhemann’s purple

Answer: (D)

10. O-tolidine is 3, 3’dimethyl derivative of

(A) Phenopthaline

(B) Benzidine

(C) Sodium acetate

(D) Sodium chloride

Answer: (D)