MCQs on Dairy Technology - 3

1:-Which is not a rapid platform test performed for raw milk

A:-Direct microscopic count
B:-Clot on boiling test
C:-Standard plate count
D:-Titratable acidity

Correct Answer:- Option-C

2:-Flat or insipid flavour in butter is due to

A:-Excess washing of butter granules
B:-Presence of lactic acid
C:-Presence of salt
D:-Presence of metal ions

Correct Answer:- Option-A

3:-Hydrolytic rancidity in butter is due to

A:-Action of lipase on fat to produce free fatty acids
B:-Oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids
C:-Growth of moulds that convert fatty acids to ketones
D:-Breakdown of proteins by putrefactive organisms

Correct Answer:- Option-A

4:-The prescribed microbiological standard for ice-cream as per Bureau of Indian Standards

A:-Standard Plate Count per gram not more than 2,50,000
B:-Coliform count per gram not more than 90
C:-Standard Plate Count per gram not more than 1,50,000
D:-Coliform count per gram not more than 70

Correct Answer:- Option-A

5:-The optimal temperature for growth of lactic starters like Streptococcus lactis is


Correct Answer:- Option-B

6:-The purity of starter culture can be tested using

A:-Horrell-Elliker test
B:-Creatine test
C:-Resazurin reduction time test
D:-Catalase test

Correct Answer:- Option-D

7:-The type of yoghurt produced after fermentation in bulk and coagulam is broken prior to cooling

A:-Set yoghurt
B:-Stirred yoghurt
C:-Concentrated yoghurt
D:-Dried yoghurt

Correct Answer:- Option-B

8:-The freezing point of cow milk is


Correct Answer:- Option-A

9:-The bound water in milk is

A:-50% held by casein, 30% by albumin and 20% by globulin
B:-50% held by casein and 50% by albumin and globulin
C:-50% held by casein and 30% by albumin and globulin
D:-50% held by casein, 20% by albumin and 30% by globulin

Correct Answer:- Option-C

10:-Sandy texture defect in ice-cream is due to

A:-High lactose
B:-Temperature fluctuation
C:-Long storage
D:-All the above

Correct Answer:- Option-D


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