1. Who is the painter of famous painting “Maids of Honour”?

(A) Francisco de Goya

(B) Caravaggio

(C) Peter Paul Rubens

(D) Diego Velasquez

Answer: (D)

2. Chaunsath Yogini temple at Bhedaghat, Jabalpur is known for circular ground plan. To which dynastic reign it can be attributed?

(A) Gupta Dynasty

(B) Pratihar Dynasty

(C) Chandella Dynasty

(D) Solanki Dynasty

Answer: (C)

3. Who is attributed from the following to make powerful muscular female figure in action?

(A) Rodin

(B) Bernini

(C) Maillol

(D) Duchamp

Answer: (C)

4. Who is the author of famous work ‘Critique of Judgement’?

(A) Frederich Hegel

(B) Immanuel Kant

(C) Archibald Alison

(D) David Hume

Answer: (B)

5. In typography space between two characters is known as

(A) Leading

(B) Tracking

(C) Kerning

(D) Legibility

Answer: (C)

6. The process of recording human movement and translating that movement on to a digital mode is known as

(A) Motion picture

(B) Rotoscoping

(C) Manga

(D) Stopmotion

Answer: (A)

7. Which of the following is an example of sales promotional tool?

(A) The media mix

(B) A money refund offer

(C) Consumer promotion

(D) Market segmentation

Answer: (B)

8. ‘CC’ is a measurement unit in

(A) Internet Advertising

(B) Radio Advertising

(C) Outdoor Advertising

(D) Newspaper Advertising

Answer: (D)

9. Who is the action painter?

(A) James Ensor

(B) Degas

(C) Gose

(D) Jackson Pollok

Answer: (D)

10. Who painted the “Age of Innocence”?

(A) Reynolds

(B) Renoir

(C) Picasso

(D) Constable

Answer: (A)