1. Where is located Raza Library known for Indian miniature paintings collection?
(A) Shyampur

(B) Rampur

(C) Kanpur

(D) Bilaspur

Answer: (B)

2. Who painted the “Splash Front Page” in ink on newspaper?

(A) Satish Gujral

(B) B. B. Mukherjee

(C) M. F. Hussain

(D) R. N. Chakravorty

Answer: (C)

3. Evidence of earliest rock-cut architecture was found at

(A) Ajanta caves

(B) Lomas hrishi caves

(C) Kailashnath temple, Ellora

(D) Badami caves

Answer: (B)

4. Lothal and Kalibangan both are

(A) Situated in Gujarat

(B) Pre Mauryan sites

(C) Famous for ancient past

(D) Harappan site

Answer: (D)

5. The sculpture ‘Japanese War God’ is made by

(A) Pablo Picasso

(B) Michaelangelo

(C) Eduardo Paolozzi

(D) Marino Marini

Answer: (C)

6. Debiprasad Roy Chaudhury used to teach at

(A) Government College of Art &Craft, Calcutta

(B) J. J. School of Art, Bombay

(C) Government College of Art, Madras

(D) College of Art, New Delhi

Answer: (C)

7. In offset printing images are reproduced

(A) Reduced

(B) Upside down

(C) Reverse

(D) Exactly the same

Answer: (D)

8. Name one of these elements related to Print Making.

(A) Moulding

(B) Etching

(C) Gouache

(D) Weaving

Answer: (B)

9. In the ‘Bull fight’ series Picasso used

(A) Offset Lithography

(B) Soft Ground

(C) Relief Etching

(D) Sugar Lift Etching

Answer: (A)

10. The material ‘Asphaltum’ is also known as

(A) Resin

(B) French Chalk

(C) Charcoal

(D) Bitumen

Answer: (D)