1. Whose painting depicts photo realism?

(A) Vivan Sundaram

(B) Bikas Bhattacharyaji

(C) Ranbir Kaleka

(D) Manu Parikh

Answer: (B)

2. Who has authored several books on Pahari Painting?

(A) Mulk Raj Anand

(B) Karl J. Khandalawala

(C) M.S. Randhawa

(D) Rai Krishna Das

Answer: (C)

3. Which colour model is named as subtractive colour model?

(A) RGB colour model

(B) Index colour model

(C) CMYK colour model

(D) HSL colour model

Answer: (C)

4. Device that breaks the original continuous tone image into patterns of dots.

(A) Quarter tone

(B) Acetate screen with criss cross lines

(C) Mezzotint

(D) Half tone

Answer: (D)

5. First live action film which was completely storyboarded.

(A) Fantasgomarie

(B) Gone with the wind

(C) Three little pigs

(D) Steamboat Willie

Answer: (B)

6. “Storyboard” was developed in World Disney studio in 1930s, are graphic organizers in the form of

(A) Illustrative images displayed in sequence

(B) A motion picture

(C) Animation

(D) Interactive media sequence

Answer: (A)

7. “Vectorization” refers to process of converting

(A) RGB into CMYK

(B) Raster graphics into Vector graphics

(C) Continuous tone to halftone

(D) Hand drawn drawings to digital edition

Answer: (B)

8. “Inbetweening” helps to create the illusion of motion in animation, are the drawings between

(A) 12 frames

(B) 24 frames

(C) 4 frames

(D) key frames

Answer: (D)

9. Amongst following who is not sculptor?

(A) Girish Bhatt

(B) Mrinalini Mukherjee

(C) Balan Nambiar

(D) P.R. Daroz

Answer: (D)

10. Which material provides strength to clay?

(A) Sand

(B) Grog

(C) Leaves

(D) Husk

Answer: (D)