1. Which part of the Stupa is called Hermika?

(A) Upper part of the pillar

(B) Upper part of the gate

(C) Upper part of the parasol

(D) Upper part of the anda (hemisphere)

Answer: (D)

2. Who is not Greek Sculpture of 4th century B.C.?

(A) Scopus

(B) Lysippus

(C) Praxiteles

(D) Phidias

Answer: (D)

3. Famous Kusana Sculpture of Boddhiswattva from Mathura dedicated by Frian Balal is housed in which museum?

(A) National Museum, New Delhi

(B) State Museum, Mathura

(C) Archaeological Museum, Sarnath

(D) British Museum, London

Answer: (C)

4. Where is the temple called Teli Ka Mandir?

(A) Gwalior

(B) Orchha

(C) Jaipur

(D) Bhopal

Answer: (A)

5. Which of the text from following exclusively deals with Indian architecture?

(A) Ashtadhyayi

(B) Shilpataru

(C) Vishvakarmiya Shilp

(D) Sadhanmala

Answer: (C)

6. What was the original word used in Republic of Plato for Imitation?

(A) Replicos

(B) Caricature

(C) Repetition

(D) Mimesis

Answer: (D)

7. Who is accredited to introduce diagonal perspective in Renaissance painting?

(A) Andrea del Mantegna

(B) Paolo Uccello

(C) Fra Philippe Lippi

(D) Leonardo da Vinci

Answer: (B)

8. Caricature Honore Daumier was associated to which art movement?

(A) Realism

(B) Romanticism

(C) Neoclassicism

(D) Expressionism

Answer: (A)

9. Who is the Sculptor of Gates of Hell?

(A) Arstide Maillol

(B) August Rodin

(C) Lipchitz

(D) James Ensor

Answer: (B)

10. From the following whose paintings bear affinity with Manjit Bawa?

(A) Nilima Sheikh

(B) Nalini Malani

(C) Arpita Singh

(D) Arpana Caur

Answer: (D)