MCQs on Visual Arts -43

1. Which county was famous for making snuff bottles?

(A) Japan
(B) China
(C) Sweden
(D) Belgium

Answer: (B)

2. Umberto Boccionni’s “Development of a bottle in space” is a sculpture that belongs to

(A) Cubism
(B) Expressionism
(C) Futurism
(D) Constructivism

Answer: (C)

3. Mallet is made of which material?

(A) Stone
(B) Wood
(C) Bronze
(D) Iron

Answer: (B)

4. The icons of the Sun-god on the Jagamohana of the Sun-temple at Konark are made in

(A) Khondalite
(B) Black chlorite
(C) Black basalt
(D) Black granite

Answer: (B)

5. One of the following Pop artists is not an American. Who is he?

(A) Andy Warhol
(B) James Rosenquist
(C) Roy Lichtenstein
(D) Richard Hamilton

Answer: (D)

6. In which technique did Benode Behari Mukherjee paint his 1946-47 “Medieval Saints” mural?

(A) Fresco buono
(B) Fresco secco
(C) Acrylic
(D) Tempera

Answer: (A)

7. Which Surrealist painter painted the mural “The wall of the moon” on the UNESCO building in Paris?

(A) Joan Miro
(B) Salvador Dali
(C) Rene Magritte
(D) Paul Delvaux

Answer: (A)

8. One of the following is not an oil painting. Identify:

(A) “Ravana fighting Jatayu” by Raja Ravi Varma
(B) “Between the spider and the lamp” by M.F. Husain
(C) “Mother and Child”, by Jamini Roy
(D) “Speaking Street” by Gulam Mohammed Sheikh

Answer: (C)

9. Greek realism in portrait painting was carried forward up to the third century. The earliest examples are to be found from:

(A) Roman painting from Pompeii
(B) Gandhara painting from Bamiyan
(C) Miran, Central Asia
(D) Church of Dormition, Byzantium

Answer: (A)

10. Fauvism draws inspiration from:

(A) Gothic Stained Glass
(B) Mosaics from Byzantium
(C) Folk paintings from Tahiti
(D) Byzantine Stained Glass

Answer: (D)


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