MCQs on Visual Arts - 49

1. Match the following:

a. Perspective i. Rajasthan
b. Static ii. Renaissance
c. Miniature painting iii. Florence
d. Carara marble iv. Egyptian Figures

a b c d

(A) ii iv i iii
(B) i ii iv iii
(C) ii i iii iv
(D) i ii iii iv

Answer: (A)

2. Match the following:

a. Low-relief i. Brancusi
b. Bas-relief ii. Khajuraho
c. Mezzorelief iii. Assyrian
d. Three dimensional iv. “Gates of Paradise”

a b c d

(A) i ii iii iv
(B) iii iv ii i
(C) ii iii iv i
(D) iv iii ii i

Answer: (B)

3. Match the following:

a. Aquatint i. Rocker
b. Mezzotint ii. Engraving tools
c. Engraving iii. Needle
d. Drypoint iv. Resin-dust box

a b c d

(A) iii iv i ii
(B) ii i iv iii
(C) iv i ii iii
(D) i ii iii iv

Answer: (C)

4. Match the following:

a. Rembrandt i. Wood cut
b. Edvard Munch ii. Etching aquatint
c. Francisco de Goya iii. Lithography
d. Paul Gauguin iv. Dry point

a b c d

(A) i ii iii iv
(B) iv iii ii i
(C) ii i iii iv
(D) iii ii iv i

Answer: (B)

5. Match the following:

a. Garhi village workshop i. Mumbai
b. Bharat Bhavan ii. Chennai
c. Cholamandal iii. Delhi
d. Ravi Varma Press iv. Bhopal

a b c d

(A) i iii ii iv
(B) ii iv iii i
(C) iv i ii iii
(D) iii iv ii i

Answer: (D)

1. Theodore Gericault was a famous European painter. He represented to which art movement?

(A) Mannerism
(B) Neo-classicism
(C) Romanticism
(D) Realism

Answer: (C)

2. Name the artist who is considered as the leading signature in Earth Art.

(A) Rockne Krebs
(B) Richard Lippold
(C) Robert Smithson
(D) Donald Judd

Answer: (C)

3. Who is known as the father of Indian Archaeology?

(A) Sir John Marshall
(B) Sir Mortimer Wheeler
(C) Sir Alexander Cunningham
(D) Sir Marc Aurel Stein

Answer: (C)

4. Regarding the Kandariya Mahadeo Temple at Khajuraho, which characteristic does not fit in from the following options?

(A) Double Latin Cross
(B) High Podium
C) Sandhara Prakara
(D) Latina type Shikhara

Answer: (D)

5. Who painted “King, Vulture and Griffin”?

(A) Mansur
(B) Basawan
(C) Bihzad
(D) Mir Sayyad Ali

Answer: (A)

6. When did Picasso paint “Man with Violin”?

(A) 1912
(B) 1916
(C) 1918
(D) 1930

Answer: (A)

7. After whom is the process “Tonking” named in oil-painting?

(A) Sir Jean Tonk
(B) Jean Dubuffet
(C) Sir Henry Tonk
(D) Pablo Picasso

Answer: (C)

8. In which cave at Ajanta is the “Sibi Jataka” painted?

(A) Cave No. 24
(B) Cave No. 18
(C) Cave No. 1
(D) Cave No. 21

Answer: (Wrong question)

9. Why is grease added to the ground in printmaking?

(A) It is a lubricant.
(B) It produces soft-ground.
(C) It produces a transparent base.
(D) It is a component of tusche.

Answer: (D)

10. Where was printing technique first evolved?

(A) India
(B) Japan
(C) China
(D) Germany

Answer: (C)



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