1. How is traditional Japanese woodcut printing executed?

(A) Using photographic equipment
(B) By hand
(C) Through Computer
(D) By hand-press machine

Answer: (B)

2. Who has popularized color viscosity printing among the following?

(A) Carol Summers
(B) Paul Lingran
(C) Stanley Hayter
(D) William Blake

Answer: (C)

3. Ramkinkar Baij did sculptures mostly in which medium?

(A) Clay
(B) Marble
(C) Cement Concrete
(D) Granite├╝

Answer: (C)

4. The term Ceramics implies the importance of which of the following?

(A) Clay body
(B) Surface treatment
(C) Glaze
(D) Composition

Answer: (Wrong question)

5. What is patina?

(A) Paint coating
(B) Chemical reaction
(C) Scrubbing of surface
(D) Washing of surface

Answer: (B)

6. Abdul Gaffer Khan’s portrait was made by

(A) Sarbari Roy Chowdhury
(B) Pradosh Das Gupta
(C) Dhanraj Bhagat
(D) Sankho Chaudhary

Answer: (D)

7. “Moulin Rouge” is one of the famous posters of

(A) Toulouse Lautrec
(B) Jules Cheret
(C) Salvador Dali
(D) Pablo Picasso

Answer: (A)

8. The font “Helvetica” was developed in 1957 by Swiss designers

(A) Max Miedinger with Edward Hoffman
(B) Paul Rand with Saul Bass
(C) Piyush Pandey with Prasoon Joshi
(D) Piet Mondrian with Peter Max

Answer: (A)

9. Which poster-artist is associated with “Art Nouveau”?

(A) Alphonse Mucha
(B) Ian Lenica
(C) Pierre Bonnard
(D) Peter Max

Answer: (A)

10. “Times Roman” is a widely used typeface which falls in the category of

(A) Uncial
(B) Serif
(C) Sans-serif
(D) Script

Answer: (B)