1. When was printing press introduced in India?

(A) 1450

(B) 1665

(C) 1556

(D) 1630

Answer: (C)

2. Printing from wood engraving and metal engraving is

(A) Intaglio printing and stencil printing

(B) Relief printing and Intaglio printing

(C) Planographic printing and Intaglio printing

(D) Relief printing and planographic printing

Answer: (B)

3. Japanese applied colour on woodblock with

(A) With brush

(B) With plastic scraper

(C) Roller

(D) Dabber

Answer: (A)

4. What is the life period of leno-cut print maker Chitta Prasad?

(A) 1913 – 1978

(B) 1891 – 1964

(C) 1902 – 1969

(D) 1945 – 1990

Answer: (A)

5. In which collection the painting entitled Ball Room Dance of G.N. Tagore?




(D) NM

Answer: (A)

6. Of which painter has a geometric form in his painting ‘City of Churches’?

(A) Rameshwar Broota

(B) Avinash Chandra

(C) Prafulla Mohanti

(D) P.T. Reddy

Answer: (B)

7. Hunting the wild boar is painted in late 18th century in

(A) Pal School

(B) Garhwal School

(C) Bundi School

(D) Guler School

Answer: (C)

8. The famous painting of Rembrandt is

(A) Day watch

(B) Midnight watch

(C) Day night watch

(D) Night watch

Answer: (D)

9. In which medium painting entitled ‘Karbala’ is painted by M.F. Husain?

(A) Oil

(B) Acrylic

(C) Water

(D) Tempera

Answer: (B)

10. Who is famous for architectural design?

(A) Samsad Husain

(B) Satish Gujral

(C) Paritosh Sen

(D) Jogen Chaudhury

Answer: (B)