1 -----this upavisha is used as an ecbolic for criminal abortion.

A) Dhatura 
B) Jaypal
C) Kuchala 
D) Eranda

Answer: (C)

2 …… is upavisha used for criminal abortion through inducing general toxicity to body .

A) Strychnine 
B) Dhatura metel
C) croton tiglium 
D) Calatropis

Answer: (D)

3. ….... is upavisha used for criminal abortion through reflex uterine stimulant.

A) Strychnine 
B) Dhatura metel
C) Abrus precatorius 
D) croton tiglium

Answer: (C)

4. The action of Croton oil to induce criminal abortion is……

A) Ecbolics 
B) Reflex uterine stimulant.
C) Genito-urinary irritant 
D) Emmenagogues

Answer: (B)

5. Plumbago acts as a …….. to induce criminal abortion.

A) Primarily toxic to other systems. 
B) Genito-urinary irritant
C) Emmenagogues 
D) Ecbolics

Answer: (A)

6. …… this upvisha is used for criminal abortion.

A) Aconite 
B) Abrus precatorius
C) Nerium odorum 
D) Dhatura metel

Answer: (B)

7. …… this upvisha is used as a reflex uterine stimulant for criminal abortion

A) oil of Eranda 
B) oil of tansy
C) oil of turpentine 
D) oil of jaypal

Answer: (A)

8. Dais use …… upavisha for the preparation of abortion stick.

A) Kaner 
B) Kuchala
C) Dhatur 
D) Eranda

Answer: (A)

9. Usually juice of ------ is applied on abortion stick

A) Ekshu 
B) Ulmus fulva
C) Bhallatak 
D) Snuhi

Answer: (C)

10. Usually -----stick is used as an abortion stick in India.

A) Chitrak 
B) Mango
C) Bamboo 
D) Papaya

Answer: (A)