MCQs on Ayurvedic Toxicology (Agadtantra) - 5

1. Intravenous injection of Kerosene will produce-

A) Cyanosis
B) Pulmonary edema
C) Both A and B
D) None

Answer: (C)

2. Emesis is indicated in the treatment of which poisons?

A) Gasoline
B) Benzene
C) Kerosene
D) None

Answer: (D)

3. Which is not the Post Mortem appearance in case of Hydrocarbons poisoning?

A) Acute Gastroenteritis
B) Pulmonary Oedema
C) Hypoplasia of Bone marrow
D) Chalky white appearance of gastric mucosa

Answer: (D)

4. Napthalene is used in-

A) Pesticide industry
B) Insulating material on electric wires
C) Dye industry
D) All

Answer: (D)

5. Napthalene is classified as-

A) Irritant poison
B) Somniferous
C) Household Poison
D) Both A and C

Answer: (D)

6. Which symptom is seen in intial stage of Napthalene ingestion?

A) Hemolytic crisis
B) Pallor
C) Strangury
D) Mild Jaundice

Answer: (C)

7. According to Charak, lepa of Shirish flowers and Snuhi ksheer is used on-

A) Vrushchika Visha
B) Alarka Visha
C) Dardur Visha
D) Krukantak Visha

Answer: (C)

8. According to Charak, Dushivisha keetadashta laskhana is-

A) Kandu
B) Daha
C) Visarpa
D) All

Answer: (D)

9. iSarao|ixagaaoOrvaM lakshan of Pranharkeeta dansha is quoted by-

A) Charak
B) Yogratnakar
C) Sushrut
D) Vagbhat

Answer: (D)

10. According to Vagbhat, How many Visha Adhishthan are there in Loota (Spider)?

A) 6 
B) 7
C) 8 
D) 9

Answer: (C)


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