1. Fatal Dose of Kerosene on ingestion is-

A) 10 ml 
B) 50ml
C) 2 ml 
D) 20ml

Answer: (A)

2. Maximum allowable concentration of Kerosene in air is-

A) 100 ppm 
B) 500 ppm
C) 800 ppm 
D) 1000 ppm

Answer: (B)

3. Specific feature appearing on ingestion of Benzene and Toluene is-

A) Vomiting 
B) Diarrohoea
C) Haemetemesis 
D) Colicky pain

Answer: (C)

4. In case of Hydrocarbons toxicity, Bronchospasm occurs when

A) Poison enters the URT 
B) Poison enters LRT
C) Poison is in Nasopharynx 
D) Poison enters oesophagus

Answer: (B)

5. In Hydrocarbon toxicity, CNS depression occurs due to-

A) CNS Toxicity 
B) Pulmonary Toxicity
C) GI Toxicity 
D) Systemic Toxicity

Answer: (B)

6. Ucchitinga are also named as Ushtradhoomak and Ratrika by-

A) Sushrut 
B) Vagbhat
C) Yogratnakar 
D) Chakrapani

Answer: (B)

7. According to Charak, Sheetopchar is not done in which 2 Visha badha-

A) Rajimant Sarpa and Vrushchika 
B) Vrushcika and Ucchitinga
C) Vrushchika and Jalauka 
D) Jalauka and Matsya

Answer: (B)

8. Panchakapitha ghrut destroys the poisons of-

A) All types of Vruschika 
B) All types of Mooshak
C) All types of Matsya Visha 
D) All types of Jalauka

Answer: (B)

9. According to Sushrut, which poison if left untreated becomes similar to Dushivisha ?

A) Matsya 
B) Keeta
C) Jalauka 
D) Mooshak

Answer: (D)

10. While biting, Formic acid is secreted by-

A) Rats 
B) Fish
C) Leech 
D) Ants

Answer: (D)