MCQs on Human Anatomy - 15

1. An anatomically male with XXY chromosome pattern is seen in……

A) Turner’s syndrome 
B) Klinefelter’s syndrome
C) Gonadal agenesis 
D) Pseudo hermaphrodites

Answer: (B)

2. When ovaries and testis both are present in an individual that condition is labeled as……

A) True hermaphrodites 
B) Pseudo hermaphrodites
C) Turner’s syndrome 
D) Klinefelter’s syndrome

Answer: (A)

3. The germination of deciduous teeth starts in maxilla by…..

A) 4th /5th intrauterine month 
B) 6th /7th extrauterine month
C) 4th /5th extrauterine month 
D) 6th /7th intrauterine month

Answer: (A)

4. ….. formula is used to estimate age of infant from teeth.

A) Boyde’s 
B) Mile’s
C) Gustafson’s 
D) Point

Answer: (A)

5. Other than age the teeth also helps to determine…….

A) Sex 
B) Blood group
C) race 
D) All

Answer: (D)

6. …….is most reliable long bone used to estimate age of a person.

A) femur 
B) humerus
C) skull 
D) tibia

Answer: (A)

7. Sternal angle lies at the level of which costal cartilage?

A) 1st 
B) 2nd
C) 3rd 
D) 4th

Answer: (B)

8. Which bone ossifies second in the body?

A) Mandible 
B) Clavicle
C) scapula 
D) Skull

Answer: (A)

9. following are examples of pneumatic bones except

A) frontal 
B) Maxilla
C) Ethmoid 
D) Mandible

Answer: (D)

10. Which is the largest seasmoid bone in the body?

A) Pisiforn 
B) Patella
C) fabella 
D) none of above

Answer: (B)


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