1. Peyer’s patches are ulcerated in………

A) Anaemia 
B) Diarrhea
C) Malaria 
D) Typhoid fever

Answer: (D)

2. The silvery –white marks on abdomen in delivered women is named as ……

A) Striae gravidarum 
B) Linea nigra
C) Lineae ablicantes 
D) Scar mark of delivery

Answer: (C)

3. In pregnancy the Braxton Hicks sign can be detected by……..onward

A) 16 weeks 
B) 4 weeks
C) 10 weeks 
D) 8 weeks

Answer: (A)

4. Amenorrhea is a ……. Sign of pregnancy.

A) Positive 
B) Confirmative
C) Probable 
D) Presumptive

Answer: (D)

5. Among the presumptive signs of pregnancy …… is most important in medicolegal point of view.

A) Chandwik sign 
B) Linea nigra
C) Quickening 
D) Montegomery’s follicle

Answer: (C)

6. Cardiac Orifice of stomach situated behind ………Coastal cartilage.

A) Right 7th 
B) Left 7th
C) Right 9th 
D) Left 9th

Answer: (B)

7. Softening and compressibility of lower uterine segment is named as……sign.

A) Chandwick 
B) Ballottement
C) Hegar’s 
D) Broxton Hick

Answer: (C)

8. The main culprit involved in rapid development of sepsis in criminal abortion is…….

A) E. coli 
B) Staphylococci
C) C. Welchii 
D) Steptococcci

Answer: (C)

9. Presence of ……. under microscope in the cells of placental site is sure sign of pregnancy.

A) Chorionic villi 
B) enlarged endometrium
C) red blood cells 
D) Pus cells

Answer: (A)

10. At ….. week gallbladder of foetus contain bile.

A) 24th week 
B) 22th week
C) 20th week 
D) 28th week

Answer: (D)