1:-Ncucleus 'Z' is located between

A:-Dorsal and medial accessory nucleus
B:-Upper end of Gracilis nucleus and lower end of vestibular nucleus
C:-Between hypoglossal Nucleus and Dorsal Nucleus of Vagus
D:-Dorsal Nucleus of vagus and vestibular nucleus

Correct Answer:- Option-B

2:-In Wallen berg syndrome which artery is involved ?

A:-Anterior cerebellar artery
B:-Middle cerebral artery
C:-Posterior cerebral artery
D:-Posterior cerebellar inferior artery

Correct Answer:- Option-D

3. In smothering ….. finding has great evidential value.

A) Bruising in inner aspect of lips 
B) petechial hemorrhages on forehead
C) Cyanosis of lips and ear lobes 
D) Crescentic abrasion marks on face

Answer: (A)

4. Bruising in inner aspect of lips is a very important evidential finding in……

A) choking 
B) smothering
C) gagging 
D) strangulation

Answer: (B)

5. The blockage of internal upper respiratory passage by liquid medium is called as…..

A) Smothering 
B) Drowning
C) Mugging 
D) Gagging

Answer: (B)

6. The assessment of difference of level of chloride in right and left side of heart is known as ……

A) Swann test 
B) Hegar’s test
C) Diatom test 
D) Gettler’s test

Answer: (D)

7. The chloride content of left side of heart in fresh water drowning is ….. than right side of heart.

A) lower 
B) equal
C) higher 
D) 25% higher

Answer: (A)

8. Contact flattening is reflection of ……..

A) Rigor mortis 
B) Algor mortis
C) Primary relaxation 
D) Livor mortis

Answer: (A)

9. The specific gravity of un-respired lung is…..

A) 1.04 
B) 2.04
C) 1.94 
D) 0.94

Answer: (A)

10. The weight of infant lung after respiration is……

A) 80-90gm 
B) 60-70gm
C) 30-40gm 
D) 20-30gm

Answer: (C)