1. A married woman died in unnatural conditions within 5 years of her marriage. Her Parents complained of frequent demand of dowry. Her autopsy will be conducted under which section:

A) Sec. 174 CrPC 
B) Sec. 176 CrPC
C) Sec. 302 IPC 
D) Sec. 304B IPC

Answer: (B)

2. Which of the following is required for second Autopsy (Exhumation)?

A) First Autopsy report 
B) Hospital record
D) All

Answer: (D)

3. Which of the following is type of Autopsy?

A) Clinical 
B) Medicolegal
C) Both 
D) None

Answer: (C)

4. Objectives for Autopsy are-

A) To determine the cause of death 
B) To determine identity of deceased.
C) To check the viability of foetus 
D) All

Answer: (D)

5. Authority to carry out Autopsy in case of ‘death in prison’ is-

A) Police sub Inspector 
B) Station House officer
C) Executive Magistrate class

Answer: (C)

6. Which of the following is pre requisite to perform Autopsy?

B) Dead Body Challan
C) Hospital record 
D) All

Answer: (D)

7. Lacerations around lips and cheeks indicates-

A) Gagging 
B) Throttling
C) Bansdola 
D) Burking

Answer: (A)

8. How many types of incisions are taken in Autopsy?

A) 3 
B) 4
C) 10 
D) 5

Answer: (B)

9. In PM examination of criminal abortion if cause of death is…….. pre-autopsy radiology of chest and abdomen is recommended.

A) Heamorrhage 
B) Air embolism
C) vagal inhibition 
D) Sepsis

Answer: (B)

10. Flouting of lung pieces even after removal of tidal air by squeezing, indicative of ……

A) still birth 
B) live birth
C) dead born 
D) premature birth

Answer: (B)