1. Which of the following statements regarding wound in case of animal bite is not true?

A) Wash the wound with the plain water.
B) Wash the wound with soap in the running water
C) Irrigate virucidal agents,apply Povidone, cut and debride and do suturing.
D) Irrigate virucidal agents,apply Povidone, cut and debride and don’t suture, keep open.

Answer: (C)

2. 1 ml of anti snake venom neutralizes ……..cobra venom.

A) 0.6mg
B) 0.45mg
C) 0.5mg
D) 0.4mg

Answer: (A)

3. Neostigmine – Atropine therapy can be given in case of ………bite

A) Elapid
B) Rusells viper
C) Saw scaled viper
D) Sea snake

Answer: (A)

4. Muscle paralysis is caused by bite of:

A) Sea snake
B) Krait
C) Mamba
D) Python

Answer: (A)

5. Polyvalent snake vaccines contains immunoglobins against all, except:

A) Ophiophagus hannah
B) Naja naja
C) Daboia rusellii
D) Bungarus caeruleus

Answer: (A)

6. False but firm belief about something which is not a fact:

A) Illusion
B) Delusion
C) Hallucination
D) Obsession

Answer: (B)

7. Visual hallucinations are most commonly seen in:

A) Delusional syndrome
B) Mania
C) Delirium

Answer: (C)

8. McNaughten rule is concerned with:

A) Civil responsibility in drunken person
B) Criminal responsibility in insane person
C) Professional misconduct by doctors
D) Capacity of a person to make a valid will

Answer: (B)

9. To plead for insanity in a court of law, the IPC is:

A) Sec. 84
B) Sec. 85
C) Sec. 88
D) Sec. 90

Answer: (A)

10. Blue color of contusion is due to:

A) Bilirubin
B) Haemosiderin
C) Haematoidin
D) De-oxyhemoglobin

Answer: (D)