MCQs on Toxicology - 18

1. Black gunpowder contains all of the following, except:

A) Potassium nitrate 
B) Lead peroxide
C) Charcoal 
D) Sulphur

Answer: (B)

2. In a firearm injury, blackening seen around the entry wound is due to:

A) Flame 
B) Smoke
C) Unburnt powder 
D) Hot gases

Answer: (B)

3. In a firearm injury, there is burning, blackening, tattooing around the wound, and is circular in shape, the injury is:

A) Close shot entry 
B) Close contact exit
C) Contact shot entry 
D) Distant shot entry

Answer: (A)

4 Parkland formula for burns is for:

A) Ringer lactate 
B) Glucose saline
C) Normal saline 
D) 25% dextrose

Answer: (A)

5. Paradoxical undressing is seen in:

A) Hyperthermia 
B) Hypothermia
C) Transvestism 
D) Immersion syndrome

Answer: (B)

6. Postmortem findings showing combination of intense lividity of the face approaching blackness and oedema of lungs are the hallmark of.…..…poisoning.

A) opium 
B) aconite
C) strychnine 
D) abrin

Answer: (A)

7. The exuding milk is collected from…….. of Papaver somniferum.

A) leaves 
B) stem
C) Ripened poppy capsules 
D) unripened poppy capsules

Answer: (D)

8. In opium poisoning, weight in limbs and diminution of sensibility is initially seen in ……..

A) stage of Excitement 
B) stage of Stupor
C) stage of Narcosis 
D) stage of Medullary paralysis

Answer: (B)

9. Pugilistic attitude is due to:

A) Lipolysis 
B) Protein coagulation
C) Carbohydrate coagulation 
D) Lipogenesis

Answer: (B)

10. Curling’s ulcer in burns is seen in:

A) Esophagus 
B) Stomach
C) Colon 
D) Duodenum

Answer: (D)



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