1 Histotoxic anoxia produced by all except

A) Drowning 
B) Fire accidents
C) Cyanide poisoning 
D) Strangulation

Answer: (C)

2 In poisoning with hydrocyanic acid, nitrates are given in order to:

A) Reduce cyanide 
B) Induce vasodilatation
C) Produce methaemoglobin 
D) Oxidize cyanide

Answer: (C)

3. Dense, firm, non-crepitant and liver like lung is a characteristic feature of ……. lung

A) Un-respired lung 
B) respired lung
C) Injured lung with pointed weapon 
D) pneumonia affected

Answer: (A)

4. The highest point of position of diaphragm in un respired newborn is…..rib.

A) 4th-5th 
B) 6th-7th
C) 5th -6th 
D) 3rd-4th

Answer: (A)

5. The loss of alignment and over-riding of cranial bones is called as ……

A) Spalding sign 
B) Chandwich sign
C) Hegar’s sign 
D) Ploucquet’s sign

Answer: (A)

6. The important evidence of attainment of maturity in foetus is presence of ossification center in the ……

A) lower end of humerus 
B) lower end of femur
C) upper end of humerus 
D) upper end of femur

Answer: (B)

7. The presence of maceration is important sign for diagnosis of …….

A) Still born 
B) Dead born
C) Live born 
D) full term born

Answer: (B)

8. Infant life preservation act 1929 have fixed the …. of gestation for the onset of viability.

A) 36 weeks 
B) 28 weeks
C) 40 weeks 
D) 20 weeks

Answer: (B)

9. Combination of sinking and flouting of some lung pieces of even after removal of tidal air by squeezing, indicative of ……

A) external efforts of artificial respiration
B) No respiration
C) established respiration 
D) Feeble respiration

Answer: (D)

10. Expanded respired lung of live birth may sink due to……in Hydrostatic test.

A) Atelectasis 
B) Putrefactive gases
C) Artificial respiration 
D) obstruction in pulmonary circulation

Answer: (A)