MCQs on Toxicology - 3

1. In ….poisoning the end product of cellular respiration cannot be removed.

A) Chloroform 
B) Cyanide
C) Halothane 
D) Carbon dioxide

Answer: (D)

2. The bond of carboxyhaemoglobin leads to …….

A) Anoxic anoxia 
B) Anemic anoxia
C) Stagnant anoxia 
D) Histotoxic anoxia

Answer: (B)

3. Death in house fire is mostly contributed to …..

A) Carbon dioxide poisoning 
B) Burns
C) Carbon monoxide poisoning 
D) Traumatic asphyxia

Answer: (C)

4. The typical ……colour in area of hypostasis is evident in carbon monoxide poisoning.

A) cherry pink 
B) Bluish purple
C) brownish black 
D) Greenish

Answer: (A)

5. Foetus is more vulnerable to Carbon monoxide poisoning than adult because……

A) Greater content of haemoglobin 
B) lower partial pressure of oxygen
C) Tendency to cause greater tissue hypoxia
D) All

Answer: (D)

6. Bilateral necrosis of basal ganglia & globus pallidus are typically seen in delayed death from…..

A) CO poisoning 
B) CO2 poisoning
C) drowning 
D) hanging

Answer: (A)

7. Accidental deaths occur near lime kilns due to…… poisoning

A) CO 
B) barbiturate
C) CO2 
D) Cyanide

Answer: (C)

8. Blood saturation of…. Gas has no diagnostic value in medicolegal cases.

A) CO 
B) NO2
C) CO2 
D) Cyanide

Answer: (C)

9. In smothering ….. finding has great evidential value.

A) presence of foreign material in nostrils and deeper respiratory passage
B) petechial hemorrhages on forehead
C) Cyanosis of lips and ear lobes 
D) Crescentic abrasion marks on face

Answer: (A)

10. Cause of accidental asphyxia death in ‘born in caul’ is…….

A) choking 
B) smothering
C) gagging 
D) strangulation

Answer: (B)


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