MCQs on Toxicology - 8

1. Mc Ewans sign is seen .......poisoning.

A) Organophosphate 
B) Alcohol
C) Barbiturates 
D) Opium

Answer: (B)

2. Optic atrophy is seen in ............poisoning.

A) Lead 
B) Phosphorus
C) Methyl alcohol 
D) Ethyl alcohol

Answer: (C)

3. Maximum ethyl alcohol content is seen in.........

A) Rum 
B) Brandy
C) Whisky 
D) Gin

Answer: (A)

4 . an ultra short acting barbiturate.

A) Pentobarbitol 
B) Amylobarbitone
C) Phenobarbitone 
D) Thiopentone

Answer: (D)

5 ..........breathing is seen in barbiturate poisoning.

A) Rapid and deep 
B) Slow and shallow
C) Normal 
D) Rapid and shallow

Answer: (D)

6. Skin blisters are not seen in case of...

A) Barbiturate poisoning 
B) Electric shock
C) CO poisoning 
D) Decomposition

Answer: (B)

7. Organophosphorus compounds inhibit......

A) Acetylcholine 
B) Acetylcholine esterase
C) Cytochrome oxidase 
D) Sulphydryl enzymes

Answer: (B)

8 not seen in organophosphate poisoning.

A) Lacrimation 
B) Salivation
C) Mydriasis 
D) Diarrhoea

Answer: (C)

9. The drug of choice in organophosphate poisoning is....

A) Atropine 
D) Copper sulphate

Answer: (A)

10. Pralidoxime is antidote of...........

A) Mercury 
B) Lead
C) Organophosphorus 
D) Phosphorus

Answer: (C)


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