MCQs on Medical documentation - 18

1:-Abbreviation OPV denotes 

A:-Oral pulmonary vaccine 
B:-Ocular polio vaccine
C:-Oral pertussis vaccine
D:-Oral polio vaccine

Correct Answer:- Option-D 

2:-Abbreviation MMR denotes

A:-Measles, Mumps, Rubella 
B:-Measles, Mumps, Rickets 
C:-Measles, Mumps, Rabies 
D:-Mononeuritis, Measles, Rubella 

Correct Answer:- Option-A

3:-Immunization is performed to

A:-To cure a disease
B:-To destruct the antibody
C:-To suppress the resistance power of the body 
D:-To protect an individual from diseases 

Correct Answer:- Option-D

4:-Abbreviation TSH denotes 

A:-Thyroid Secreting Hormone 
B:-Thyroid Stimulating Hormone 
C:-Thyroid Synthesizing Hormone 
D:-Thyroid Synchronizing Hormone 

Correct Answer:- Option-B

5:-Which of the following is a pair of viral disease? 

A:-Rabies - Measles
B:-Dysentery - common cold 
C:-Typhoid - Tuberculosis 
D:-Syphilis - AIDS

Correct Answer:- Option-A

6:-Accepted census taking time 

A:-12 Noon
B:-8 AM
C:-12 Mid Night
D:-8 PM

Correct Answer:- Option-C

7:-Medical record is legalized under the ambit of Indian Evidence Act 


Correct Answer:- Option-B

8:-Medico-legal mode of ascertaining age of a person is by 

A:-Blood test
B:-Ossification test
C:-Hormone test
D:-Enzyme analysis

Correct Answer:- Option-B 

9:-SA node is located on the wall of

A:-Right Ventricle
B:-Left Ventricle
C:-Right Atrium
D:-Left Atrium

Correct Answer:- Option-C

10:-Indicator of age of a medical record 

A:-Inpatient number
B:-Investigation number 
C:-Operation number 
D:-Hospital number 

Correct Answer:- Option-D


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