MCQs on Anthropology - 5

1. Match an item in List – I with an item in List – II. Use the codes given below:

List – I                                   List – II

a. Homo habilis               i. Raymond Dart
b. Australopithecus        ii. Louis Leakey
c. Gigantopithecus         iii. Simons & Chopra
d. Java Man                     iv. Eugene Dubois


a b c d

(A) ii i iii iv
(B) i ii iii iv
(C) iv ii iii i
(D) iii iv i ii

Answer: (A)

2. Match items of List – I with items of List – II and select the correct answer from the code given below:

List – I (Name of the Book)        List – II (Author of the Book)

a. Man Makes Himself                    i. M. Burkitt
b. Old Stone Age                              ii. Brian M. Fagan
c. Stone Age Tools                           iii. V.G. Childe
d. People of the Earth                     iv. H.D. Sankalia


a b c d

(A) iv ii i iii
(B) iii i ii iv
(C) iii i iv ii
(D) i iv iii ii

Answer: (C)

3. Arrange the following ceramic types in chronological order of their occurrence:

i. Jorwe
ii. Malwa
iii. Painted Grey ware
iv. Northern black polished ware


(A) iv ii iii i
(B) ii i iii iv
(C) i ii iii iv
(D) iv iii ii i

Answer: (B)

4. Who of the following wrote the book, ‘Cultural Materialism’?

(A) Raymond Firth
(B) Sir James Frazer
(C) Oscar Lewis
(D) Marvin Harris

Answer: (D)

5. In which year the First Public Notification on the ‘Scheduled Tribes’ was issued?

(A) 1950
(B) 1951
(C) 1952
(D) 1953

Answer: (A)

6. The term ‘Scheduled Tribes’ was inserted in the Constitution vide

(A) Article 342(i)
(B) Article 244(i)
(C) Article 275
(D) Article 330

Answer: (A)

7. A family consisting of a married couple and their unmarried children is known as

(A) Joint family
(B) Extended family
(C) Nuclear family
(D) None of the above

Answer: (C)

8. Who, among the following, is an anthropologist?

(A) Herbert Spencer
(B) Edward B. Tylor
(C) Lewis Morgan
(D) Julian Huxley

Answer: (B)

9. Who was the first anthropologist to use expression of “social network’?

(A) J. Clyde Mitchell
(B) John Barner
(C) Fredrik Barth
(D) Max Ghickman

Answer: (B)

10. Which of the following is used for amplification of DNA in the process of DNA finger printing?

(A) Southern blotting
(B) Northern blotting
(C) Polymerase chain reaction
(D) Western blotting

Answer: (C)


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