1. Which one of the following statements about descent affiliation is correct?

(A) Unilineal descent refers to the fact that a person is affiliated with a group of kin through  

       descent links of one sex only.

(B) Ambilineal descent affiliates individuals with kin related to them through either men or  


(C) Bilateral descent refers to the fact that one’s relatives on both the mother’s and father’s 

      sides of family are of equal importance or, more usually, unimportant.

(D) All of the above

Answer: (D)

2. Which of the following commission(s) was/were set up by President of India in fulfillment 

     of constitutional requirement?

(A) Backward Classes Commission headed by Kaka Kalelkar (1953)

(B) Backward Class Commission headed by B. P. Mandal (1979)

(C) Scheduled Area and Scheduled Tribes Commission headed by U. N. Dheber (1961)

(D) All of the above

Answer: (D)

3. Who among the following was not an advocate of British Evolutionary School?

(A) E. B. Tylor

(B) H. J. S. Maine

(C) S. J. G. Frazer

(D) L. H. Morgan

Answer: (D)

4. A man with type ‘A’ blood marries a woman with type “AB” blood. What are the different 

    blood types their children could have?

(A) A only

(B) AB only

(C) A and AB

(D) A, B and AB

Answer: (D)

5. Levalloise technique appears for the first time in which one of the following cultural 


(A) Azillo-Tardenoisean

(B) Acheulian

(C) Aurignacian

(D) None of the above

Answer: (B)

6. Which one of the following Articles of Indian Constitution states that there shall be a 

    Minister In-Charge of Tribal Welfare in the State of Bihar, M.P. and Orissa?

(A) Article – 244

(B) Article – 330

(C) Article – 275

(D) Article – 164

Answer: (D)

7. Which of the following correctly represents cultural relativism?

(A) Cultural patterns or traits that exist in some but not all societies.

(B) Culture in the general sense as a possession shared by hominids.

(C) Tendency to view one’s own culture as best.

(D) The position that the values and standards of cultures differ and deserve respect.

Answer: (D)

8. Who among the following is the author of the book “Caste among the Non-Hindus in 


(A) G. S. Ghureye

(B) S. C. Dubey

(C) T. K. Oomen

(D) Imtiaz Ahamed

Answer: (D)

9. Who among the following added the concepts of ‘Cultural Intensity’ and ‘Cultural Climax’ 

     to that of ‘Culture area’?

(A) E. B. Tylor

(B) A. L. Krober

(C) Franz Boas

(D) Clark Wissler

Answer: (B)

10. What are alleles?

(A) These are genes controlling the same trait.

(B) These are genes on same locus of the chromosome

(C) These are genes controlling one trait that are able to recombine.

(D) These are genes unable to control the same trait.

Answer: (B)