1. Where UVR is observed?

A) Epidermis                         B) Dermis

C) Subcutaneous Tissue     D) Capillary Loops

Answer: (A)

2. Neonatal Jaundice can be treated by?

A) Red Light                 B) Blue Light

C) Infrared Rays         D) Yellow Light

Answer: (B)

3. At what distance IRR lamp of 750 Watts can be placed?

A) 4 Mtrs                 B) 6 Mtrs

C) 1 Mtrs                 D) 1.5 Mtrs

Answer: (B)

4. Which is not a contraindication of IRR?

A) Psoriasis                 B) Defective Arterial Circulation

C) Dermatitis             D) Defective Blood Pressure

Answer: (A)

5. Cavitation is ?

A) Thermal effect of Ultrasound                B) Non-Thermal effect of Ultrasound

C) Micro Oscillations of Ultrasound         D) Micro Thermal effect of Ultrasound

Answer: (B)

6. Ultrasound can be used to treat?

A) Osteomyelitis             B) Soft Tissue Injuries

C) Open Fractures         D) Pregnancy

Answer: (B)

7. Interferential therapy is not used for

A) Muscle stimulation             B) Pain relief

C) Muscle re-education          D) Wound healing

Answer: (D)

8. Continuous passive motion (CPM) apparatus is used to

A) Increase range of motion             B) Maintain range of motion

C) Strengthen knee muscles             D) Fracture of knee

Answer: (A)

9. TENS stands for

A) Transactional Electronic Natural  Stimulation

B) Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulation

C) Transcutaneous Electronic Pain Stimulation

D) Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Simulation

Answer: (A)

10. The maximum safe temperature for a Paraffin Wax bath?

A) 40 Degree Celsius         B) 44 Degree Celsius

C) 38 Degree Celsius         D) 42 Degree Celsius

Answer: (B)