1. A contraindication for heat would be?

A) Chronic-arthritis         B) Edema

C) Hyperemia                   D) Hypertonicity

Answer: (B)

2. What piece of equipment is a physio likely to use to strengthen your core muscles?

A) Gym/Swiss ball                   B) Foam roller

C) Punchbag                             D) Resistance Tube

Answer: (A)

3. What is the name of the group of muscles at the FRONT of your thigh?

A) Quadriceps             B) Hamstrings

C) Calves                     D) Pectorals

Answer: (A)

4. Cold Therapy (or) CryoTherapy is quantra indication in which one of the following


A) Hypertension          B) Raynaud’s Phenomenon

C) Osteoarthritis         D) Acute Inflammation

Answer: (B)

5. How should the leads be applied for IFT?

A) Criss Cross             B) Coplanar

C) Rectangular           D) Trapezoid

Answer: (A)

6. Which of the diathermy machine is good for deep tissue healing?

A) Short wave             B) Ultrasound

C) Cold compress       D) Electrical Impulse

Answer: (A)

7. The types of therapeutic diathermy machines that exists are?

A) Short wave, Micro wave,Ultrasound

B) Short Wave, Ultrasound, Cold Compress

C) Cold Compress, Micro Wave, Electrical Impulse

D) Electrical Impulse, Micro Wave,Ultrasound

Answer: (A)

8. LASER promotes wound healing by?

A) Cell proliferation                                 B) Increase in RNA production

C) Increase in collagen formation         D) Decreased blood flow

Answer: (A)

9. Which of the following condition is contraindication for SWD?

A) Tumor                                 B) OA of knee joint

C) Acute ankle injuries         D) Chronic ankle injuries

Answer: (A)

10. ----------- should be applied immediately after surgery of total knee replacement?

A) TENS                                                                     B) Tilting Table

C) CPM (Continuous Passive Movement)            D) Vibrator

Answer: (C)