1. Paraffin bath contains paraffin wax and mineral coil mixture in?

A) Ratio 9:1             B) Ratio 1:6

C) Ratio 9:1             D) Ratio 6:1

Answer: (D)

2. On application of hot packs, heat is transferred by?

A) Convection                 B) Conduction

C) Evaporation               D) Radiation

Answer: (B)

3. During application of IRR, the distance between patient and lamp?

A) 15cm –40cm             B) 50cm – 75cm

C) 110cm – 85cm          D) 150cm - 120cm

Answer: (B)

4. Which of the following is appropriate for patient with chronic osteoarthritis of knee?

A) UVR rays                 B) Cold pack

C) SWD                         D) Ultrasound

Answer: (D)

5. Which of the following produced in the body due to absorption of the UVB by the


A) Vitamin C             B) Vitamin B

C) Vitamin D             D) Vitamin A

Answer: (C)