1. India participated in Olympic Games for the first time in

(A) 1896

(B) 1900

(C) 1904

(D) 1924

Answer: (B)

2. Bones in human body are classified on the basis of

(A) Structure and Functions

(B) Location and Attachment

(C) Size and Shape

(D) Joint and Movement

Answer: (C)

3. Find the correct answer:

(A) Friction is a negative force for performance.

(B) Friction is a positive force for performance.

(C) Friction is negative as well as positive force for performance.

(D) Friction does not have any influence on performance.

Answer: (C)

4. Theory of insight learning was propounded by

(A) Thorndike

(B) Pavlov

(C) Kohler

(D) Cattell

Answer: (C)

5. First Teachers’ Training College in India was started at

(A) Lucknow

(B) Kandivali

(C) Chennai

(D) Amravati

Answer: (C)

6. Aim of sports training is

(A) Improvement of physical fitness.

(B) Improvement of technical skills.

(C) Improvement of tactical efficiency.

(D) Improvement of sports performance.

Answer: (D)

7. One of the important research tools is

(A) Questionnaire

(B) Library technique

(C) Hypothesizing

(D) Survey

Answer: (A)

8. Test, Measurement and Evaluation are related with one another in the following way:

(A) Measurement and Evaluation are parts of test.

(B) Evaluation and Test are parts of measurement.

(C) Test and Measurement are parts of evaluation.

(D) Evaluation is a part of both Test and Measurement.

Answer: (C)

9. Basic function of Association of India Universities (AIU) is

(A) Purchase of equipment for Universities

(B) Planning of the Inter- University Competitions.

(C) Providing finance to develop sports facilities

(D) Appointment of Physical Education Directors for Universities

Answer: (B)

10. Sociological foundation of physical education discusses

I. Body type

II. Motor learning

III. Competition and Co-operation

IV. Socialization process

Find the correct combination.

(A) I and IV

(B) II and IV

(C) I and III

(D) III and IV

Answer: (D)